operating on the African continent – and indeed players


German conglomerate Siemens focuses on three main areas; industry, energy, and healthcare. In each of these areas, technology is at the core of all its operations. Professor Siegfried R newsvilla.org usswurm is the Chairman of the Board for Siemens, as well as the Managing Board Member responsible for Africa, and the CEO of Siemens’ global Industry Sector.

As from 1 October 2011, Siemens onnp.org ’ Industry Sector is to be re-organised in order to help enhance the industrial productivity and energy efficiency of key industries on the continent. Russwurm explains more.

“As globalisation increases, our world is becoming more interconnected, not only from a technological perspective, but also in economical and logistical terms,” he states.

For companies operating on the African continent – and indeed players in all of Africa’s key industries – thi panifol.com s trend towards globalisation means they must streamline their production processes in order to hold their own against global competition. “It’s about ensuring the efficiency and affordability of production processes while increasing the speed at which high quality products are manufactured,” Russwurm believes.

African industries are confronted with the same challenges as those in other regions around the world. Development cycles in the manufacturing industry are becoming shorter, while the complexity of products and associated volumes of data during the product life cycle are becoming shorter.


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